Bomber 2

for J2ME MIDP 2.0 Compatible Devices

Bomber is a game for mobile phones and other compatible handheld devices, originally written for Nokia Series 60 phones by While True, d.o.o. and released to open source under GPL on March 25th, 2003. Bomber is now being ported to work on all J2ME MIDP 2.0 compatible handsets, which are now becoming widely available from all major manufacturers. This new version is called Bomber 2.

The current testing release of Bomber 2 is available for installation either over-the-air (OTA) or from your desktop PC. To install OTA, simply navigate to this page using your handset's built-in Web browser, then select the Install link. To install from your PC, download the JAD and JAR files and then transfer them to your phone using a data cable, a Bluetooth transfer, or some other means supported by your handset.

This is a testing release, and as such will produce unexpected and unwanted behaviour. Although every effort has been made to avoid any negative consequences of running this software on your handset, I make no warranty against such effects. By installing this software, you accept responsibility for any data loss or other outcomes that may result.

If you would like to be notified of the progress of Bomber 2, please drop me a line at (JavaScript required). If there is sufficient interest, I'll set up a mailing list to announce future versions as they are released.

Latest News

30 May 2005
The second alpha of Bomber 2 is now available for wider installation and testing by end users. This version has resolved most of the problems associated with varying screen sizes. Remaining issues to be solved prior to beta are device user interface differences (i.e., key mappings), device performance differences (i.e., game smoothness, speed), crashes on application suspend, and outdated instructions (currently Nokia-specific). More work will also be done on reducing installation file sizes.
27 March 2005
The current alpha build of Bomber 2 is running with all features enabled both on the standard MIDP 2.0 emulator as well as on a Motorola V3 handset. Some porting issues remain, particularly in the area of adapting to varying screen sizes. An initial release is planned as soon as these issues are solved.
(Nokia 7650/3650)
Bomber 2 Alpha
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Bomber Copyright © 2004 While True, d.o.o.